K40 Radar Detector

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K40 radar and laser protection systems are designed for easy operation and trouble free ownership. Now you can again drive confidently when the K40 Laser DefuserPlus™, the most sophisticated anti-laser technology available, is vigilantly detecting and protecting your vehicle. When targeted by police laser, the Laser DefuserPlus immediately sends out a return pulse signal at the same frequency. Simultaneously, you are alerted to the targeting by audible and visual warnings. Finally…a solution that deactivates the speed measurement ability of the laser gun and gives you precious time to react and safely reduce speed. Installs discreetly and compliments your vehicle’s interior, and is completely legal.

Front and rear radar sensors mounted outside of the vehicle. L.E.D. lights and piezo tweeters are custom installed in the instrument cluster for easy visibility.

1 year speeding ticket guarantee. 1 year product warranty.


Makes your vehicle immune to laser detection. Custom installed hidden or within your license plate frame.1 year speeding ticket guarantee. 1 year product warranty.

Detects all bands of radar and laser. This unit comes with a coil cord to plug into any cigarette lighter outlet and a flat cable to hard wire into a vehicle.1 year speeding ticket guarantee. 1 year product warranty.

All K40 products have a one year speeding ticket guarantee.

All workmanship is guaranteed for life. This is how confident we are in our ability to custom install this system in your vehicle.